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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sri Pra Phai -- Thai Restaurant in Woodside, Queens

Having lived in Manhattan for over a decade,
I must admit that I was guilty of being lazy to venture out to the outer boroughs.
Brooklyn's development over the past few years had forced me to confront my laziness.
Now no longer living in Manhattan, I guess it will probably be cured all together.

Apparently SriPraPhai is a well-known Thai restaurant for many years. 
The restaurant has a lovely garden dinning area in the back. 

The variety of food on the menu is amazing.
Good thing I came with three other people to sample all kind of food.

Tom-yum shrimp: With mushroom in hot & sour soup
The classic Thai dish.

Shredded green mango salad, With shrimp, squid & chicken
There are such rich textures and flavors in this dish.

Fried soft shell crab, topped with chili, garlic & basil leaves
I was not a big fan of soft shell crab before, but after this dish, I am hooked!

Fried shrimp cake

Green Curry
The dish was very mild and light

There are 5 pages of desserts on the menu.  Unfortunately I forgot the name of this one.
It was all kind of jelly with coconut milk and crashed ice.

Jasmin green tea jelly

A week later, I went back to the restaurant again.

Papaya salad w. crispy catfish meat
I always like papay salad, but the flaky texture catfish did not do it for me.

Stewed beef tendon
The Stew had this intense rich flavor.  It was so good!

Mango with sticky coconut rice.
It was not the usual dessert, but I liked it.

There are so many dishes offered in the restaurant that I only sampled a small friction of the menu.
There were a few dishes that did not make it to the blog:
Steamed fish was ordinary, and Pad Thai failed to deliver.

The restaurant did not accept reservation and often gets crowded on the weekend. 
If you go, try to get there early and sit in the garden. 
By the way, bring cash when you go. The restaurant does not accept credit cards.

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