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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mari Vanna -- Russian restaurant near Union Square

Passing by this shabby chic restaurant, Mari Vanna, back in January and was immediately drawn to it.

I am a sucker for packaging.
It doesn't matter what kind of cuisine the restaurant serves or how good the food is, I have to try it.
(Even if it is serving Ethopiean food -- which I am not a fan of.)

I invited a girlfriend to join me for lunch at this lovely place.
Shortly after we walked in, Guess who came into the restaurant for lunch?
Mick Jagger from Rolling Stone strolled in with his family!

The bread was served with basil butter, radish, and a pinch of sea salt.

Herring house cured herring with peanut potatoes and mini rye toast
(Quite salty)

Borsch with pampushka - traditional beet soup with beef

Pelmeni - traditional russian veal dumplings in a lightly herbed butter sauce.
(Love the dumplings with dills. They were surprisingly filling)

The cute Russian Doll cover to keep the dumplings warm.

Salmon - grilled salmon with garden salad

Coffee comes with Pretzel texutre like plain cracker & raspberry jam.

Smetannik -- signature dessert made with creme & berries.

My girlfriend and I enjoyed the interior and the food so much that we had a 4 hour lunch.
The waiters were attentive and patient with us.
I am definitely ready to go back again!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Boqueria -- Spainsh cusines in Flatiron

La Boqueria in Barcelona is one of the most famous market in Europe.
Here in New York, a restaurant is named after the market, Boqueria NYC

The restaurant has two locations: One in Flatiron and one in Soho.
It's popular and can get crowded and loud.

Ensalada del Momento: Organic mixed greens, Idiazabal cheese, herbed croutons, citrus vinaigrette

Pimientos de Padron: Blistered shishito peppers, coarse sea salt
(Love it! Most of the peppers are very very mild. Occasionally, you will get one that is hotter than others.)

Datiles con Beicon: Dates stuffed with almonds and valdeon, wrapped in bacon
(Such unexpected combination, and so perfect!)

Cojonudo: Fried quail eggs and chorizo on toast
(The dish was such an eye candy! We did not want to eat it because the quail eggs were sooo cute!)

Chorizo Cantimpalo: Mildly spicy pork sausage cured in Pimenton

Sobao Pasiego: butter rum sponge cake, seasonal fruit, cream fraiche ice-cream.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pintxos & Tapas.  It's the best way to eat in my opinion. 
(Of course it's chic's talk.  Most guys I know don't like the idea of sharing small portion of various dishes.)
Boqueria definitely have some interesting dishes that I don't see in other Spanish tapas' places.
It's a perfect choice for dates or girlfriends getting togehter.

PS/It's been a while since my last entry.  I was consumed by relocation the past couple of months.
Finally, I am feeling a lot more settled, and will get back to the rhythm of writing my blogs.