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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas lights - Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

This post was meant to be published before the holidays; however, my December was extremely busy.  I assume that all the lights had already been taken down, but you can always plan for next year's visit.

Dyker Heights' Christmas lights has been quite a local spectacles.  I vaguely remember watching it on the local news many years ago, and always wanted to visit.

We drover there on a Sunday evening in early December to avoid the crowd, but the down side was that not all the houses had their lights up.

However, there were plenty of houses with extravagant Christmas lights. This was my favorite house.  It was very tastefully done.

This house had the most over-the-top Christmas decoration.  It had so much going on that you could barely see the house itself.

There were some impressive mensions with huge yards in the neighborhood.

It is a really fun activity to do during the holiday season and a great place to visit if you have out of town guests.

To see the Dyker Lights next year, click the Link for more information.