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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wellfleet Drive-In Theater in Cape Cod

 Drive-In Movie Theater is such an quintessential Americana experience that I have always wanted to try.
On our way to my surprise Bday dinner in Provincetown in Cape Cod,
I found out that Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre is a couple of miles away. 

I knew that I had to come here after dinner.

After parking the car at the prime location, we stop by the refreshment center for popcorn and soda.

Many people came prepared with outdoor chairs.
The original sound system was more for the nostalgic decoration.

You can tune in FM sound system to hear the sound track.

The original introduction trailer from 1957.

So, one more thing checked off on my to-do list. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Le Cirque -- French restaurant in Bloomberg building

Ever since a few year back when I came across to a documentary called " Le Cirque: A table in Heaven",
I have been meaning to try the restaurant, Le Cirque.

The restaurant is inside of Bloomberg Building.
It's definitely the place for power lunches.

Sweet Corn Soup: wood ear mushrooms and basil
The wood ear mushroom is a Chinese ingredient.  
The soup is great, but who doesn't like corn?

Watermelon and Tuna Bacon with mint and lime-scent yogurt
I was there in the midst of the summer, and this was a great summer appetizer.

Grilled Rainbow Trout with Summer beans, pickled peach and almonds.
Love the pickled peach & almonds with the trout.

Pistachio Crusted Lamb Filet with peas, mint and goat cheese
I was a bit disappointed at first of how small the portion was. 
However, it was a decadent dish with intense flavors which was best enjoyed in small portion.

Chocolate Fondant with Caramelized banana, salted caramel ice cream
You know it's good.

Rice Pudding with apricot marmalade, almond crunch
Great summer dessert!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vesta -- Italian Restaurant in Astoria round 2

Going back to Vesta for 2nd round of feast.

Vesta is a neighborhood gem in Astoria that prepares delicious Italian cuisine with local ingredients.

Margherita Pizza

Lasagna --- three-meat ragu (Sunday Dinner Style) 
It is so delicious and comforting. 

Ricotta Cheese, frantoia olive oil, grilled radishes & crostini

Corn on the Cob, grana & parsley

Roasted beets

Chilled Carrot Soup, yogurt & raisins
The flavor is sweet and the texture is creamy, it feels like baby food. 

Grass Fed Rib Eye roasted potato, baby spinach & tomato

Chocolate Expresso Donuts

La Torta del Piccolo Bambino Gesu Cristo --Baby Jesus Cake 
It may not look impressive, but it's SO GOOD! I could lick the plate clean. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Project 6D: Resources

Here are a list of both online and local resources that I have used during the renovation process.
For those of you who need the information here: congratulations and GOOD LUCK!
(You really really need it!)

Just remember, there WILL be ending in sight, and the end result will be so rewarding that you almost can imagine yourself doing it again.

Online Resources for renovation & decoration ideas:
Online Stores that I love: 
  • Good resources for bathroom supplies. Do compare shop. 
  • AJMadison: A good place to start your search on household electrical appliances. Compare shop for better pricing.
  • I love their lighting fixtures. Great company with excellent products. 
  • An alternative solution to traditional carpets or area rugs.
Local Lumber & Hardware stores:
  • Lowe's Brooklyn: 118 2nd Ave, Brooklyn, NY (718)249-1151. The only Lowe's in NYC. 
  • Home Depot: Has a few stores in NYC, Flushing location has more inventories. 
  • Dykes Lumber: Great place to find crown mouldings & baseboards. 
  • Metropolitan Lumber: Another store that has great selections supplies. 
  • Collage Point Blvd in Flushing: Many building material and stone shops on this strip.  Great place to start doing your homework. 
Local Wall Solutions: 
  • Janovic Plaza on east side: 888 Lexington Ave at 66th Street.  Great selection of wallpapers. 
  • Gleason Paint Place: 65-01 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside NY.  Staffs are very knowledgeable and helpful. 
Local Upholstery & Drapery Fabrics:
Last but not least, a big shout out to the following people for making our apartment a lovely home!
  • Richard Morin -- The master mind behind our entire renovation project and made the magic happen. 
  • Daniel Chen -- Dan is the owner of Danken Studio that specialize in custom designed cabinets and furnitures. He made all of our custom built shelvings and breakfast nook. 
  • Natalie Vichnevsky -- Natalie owns a home decor store, Golden Calf in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.    She provides furniture restoration, upholstery, and interior design service and made all the custom made cushions for us. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Project 6D: Kitchen

BEFORE                &                 AFTER

The Kitchen went through extensive renovation:
We gutted down the entire kitchen, ripped out the ugly vinyl flooring, took down the old cabinets, threw away the outdated appliances, and opened up partial walls connecting the living room.

There were endless decisions to be made:
appliances, counter tops, faucets, back splash, lights, cabinet door styles, door pull & knobs... and etc.
We picked out the appliances. Our friend R helped us designed the new cabinets and had the cabinets custom-made.

As much as I LOVE the marble counter top, I was a little intimidated by the maintenance required.
We decided on the Corina counter top with integrated sink for its seamless, easy-to-clean advantage, and hygiene aspect. 

One of my favorite appliances in the kitchen is the dishwasher drawer.
The size is perfect for two people who do not cook often.
The machine was so quiet that you barely hear any sound at all when it was running.

I wanted a yellow kitchen, and was looking around forever to have finally found the yellow subway glass tiles.

I love these adorable globe ceiling lights for the kitchen.

I wanted open shelves for the Microwave & cooking books.
Most of the cooking books are gifts from friends, and I probably used three receipts all together.

On the end of the kitchen by the window, we were excited to get a breakfast nook.
The breakfast nook was custom made to fit our window corner.

Wait! It's not over.
I had to look for the right fabric and find the upholsterer to make the cushions and back rest to get the complete look.

Well, technically, it is STILL not completed...
Another cushion for the corner, and I am thinking about cafe curtain for the window maybe.
But I am running out of steam and need a break!