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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Project 6D: Kitchen

BEFORE                &                 AFTER

The Kitchen went through extensive renovation:
We gutted down the entire kitchen, ripped out the ugly vinyl flooring, took down the old cabinets, threw away the outdated appliances, and opened up partial walls connecting the living room.

There were endless decisions to be made:
appliances, counter tops, faucets, back splash, lights, cabinet door styles, door pull & knobs... and etc.
We picked out the appliances. Our friend R helped us designed the new cabinets and had the cabinets custom-made.

As much as I LOVE the marble counter top, I was a little intimidated by the maintenance required.
We decided on the Corina counter top with integrated sink for its seamless, easy-to-clean advantage, and hygiene aspect. 

One of my favorite appliances in the kitchen is the dishwasher drawer.
The size is perfect for two people who do not cook often.
The machine was so quiet that you barely hear any sound at all when it was running.

I wanted a yellow kitchen, and was looking around forever to have finally found the yellow subway glass tiles.

I love these adorable globe ceiling lights for the kitchen.

I wanted open shelves for the Microwave & cooking books.
Most of the cooking books are gifts from friends, and I probably used three receipts all together.

On the end of the kitchen by the window, we were excited to get a breakfast nook.
The breakfast nook was custom made to fit our window corner.

Wait! It's not over.
I had to look for the right fabric and find the upholsterer to make the cushions and back rest to get the complete look.

Well, technically, it is STILL not completed...
Another cushion for the corner, and I am thinking about cafe curtain for the window maybe.
But I am running out of steam and need a break!


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