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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Project 6D: Prelude

I am not sure if "PLAY" is an appropriate way to label this project,
or perhpase "Borderline Masochism" is a more accurate way
to describe this whole experience.

Granted, I was naive as a first time home buyer.

Growing up watching my dad drawing up the floor plans,
going to the model apartment in the new development with him occasionally,
and gone through the renovations when my parents moved,
I always thought it was a must to renovate when we purchased our apartment.

Little did I know how much of a hassle it was to deal with
the contractors, management company, and co-op board.
Of course, I did not know that the scope of our renovation was such a big deal either.

With the vision of how we wanted our apartment to be and a lot of willpower & endurance,
H and I plow through this four month project.

Tears, arguments, ever expending budgets, set backs, mistakes, shut-down operations...
all the dramas that we could possibly experienced, we did.

Hours and hours were spent on researching on appliances, lighting fixtures, kitchen & bathroom supplies online
or running around from Loews, Home Depots, to all the big hardware & lumber stores in New York City looking for materials....
H lost ten pounds within the first month.
I lost count of how many sleepless nights that I stared at the ceiling wide awake, sick to my stomach with worries.

July 8th, four months after the renovation began,
our contractor came for the last visit to tide the the lose end.

The apartment that we live in now looks very much like the floor plan that I drew up
when we decided to make an offer on the apartment last November.  

Despite all the headaches of the renovation,
it was exciting when we saw our vision slowly came to life piece by piece.
All the effort became worthwhile and the process became so much fun.

Project 6D is about 95% completed at this point.

There are still smaller cosmetic projects to be done around the apartment, 
but the hard work is done, and we can finally come out to play!

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