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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Egg -- Brunch spot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Egg is a popular brunch spot in Williamsburg where there is always a long wait on the weekends.

For my sister's 5th visit to New York, I wanted to show her Williamsburg and check out the restaurant.

The breakfast is served daily. There are some unique dishes on the menu.

Eggs Rothko: Easy-cooked egg in a slice of Amy's brioche and topped with Grafton cheddar. 
Served with broiled tomatoes and a side of meat or seasonal vegetables.
The brioche was soaked in egg & cheese, yummy.....

Biscuits & Gravy: Homemade buttermilk biscuits in sawmill gravy 
made with pork sausage or pan-seared mushrooms.
This is such a comfort food -- creamy, rich, and heavy. Perfect for hang over or a cold winter day

If you are in the neighborhood, definitely check out the restaurant.
Be Patient. The restaurant is small, waiting is most likely inevitable.

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