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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Project 6D: Study


 We added a closet in the study as the original closet was very small. 

One of the things that H & I love to do on our pass time is to walk around the city.
We often peek through windows of buildings and townhouses to see other people's apartments.
Built-in shelves are common sights and they felt very New York to me.
I really love those wall to wall built-in shelves. (The one with ladder attached is even more dreamy!)
They are aesthetically beautiful and functional.

H fell in love with the leather top partner desk. We were excited when the desk finally arrived.

We still need to find the proper desk chairs, replace the sofa bed, and get new lightings to make the room complete.
The study feels cozy and calm, and I love spending most of my time here.

Can you guess which side of the desk I sat?  Ya, the one facing TV. :)

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