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Monday, August 9, 2010

Project 6D: Bedroom

The association probably has no base at all,
but the bedroom reminds me of apartments in Paris after the window treatments were installed. 

The original bedroom has a tiny closet about 30" by 30" big.  It was completely useless.

I wanted to: A. seal off the closet door,  B. allocate the space to the bathroom expansion,

and C: build a bigger closet on this side of wall after the original closet was sealed.

The end result is that I now have a 10 feet long closet,

and still have plenty space in the bedroom.

I really adore the original crystal glass door knobs that belong to the apartment. (Picture shown on the left)
To match the style, I ran around all the hardware stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens looking for closet door knobs on hot & humid spring days
and thinking to myself, "why do I torture myself over some stupid door knobs?" (Picture shown on the right)

We spent the least amount of effort on finishing our bedroom.
The walls are still too bare. We still need to buy bedside lamps.
There is this way-over-my-budget delicious vanity mirror that I am drooling over.
And eventually I would like to get a king size bed since we do have the room for it....
The list goes on. But for now, it will do.

However, one thing that can not be replaced and I hope will never change,
is the view I see when I wake up and before I go to sleep everyday.

Okay, I MIGHT exaggerate a little.
The pictures were zoomed to get the closer shots of Empire State Building.
But even without the zoom, the view is still pretty darn good.

PS/ Just bought this unique lamp from an antique store in Cape cod.
The lamp is sitting on my night stand for now.

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