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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pie 'N' Thighs -- Southern Cuisine in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Another weekend that I hang out in Williamsburg.
It was a gorgeous summer day with not one ounce of humidity.
I found another southern restaurant for brunch, Pie 'N' Thighs.

Most brunch menus in the regular restaurants lack of creativities and can be quite boring.
I am never a big fan of omelet; eating too many eggs at once made me nauseous.
The southern brunch is appealing because the food is interesting and much more appetizing to me.

Brunch Menu, and many more options listed on the chalk board.

Summer Cooler: Lemonade with ginger ale & hint of mint.
(Very refreshing indeed.)

We saw a full tray of house-made Biscuit fresh out of the oven, and had to order one for ourselves.
It was flaky outside and moist inside without being too greasy.

Chicken & Waffles: The waffle was made with Buckwheat flour.
(How can anyone resist chicken & waffles? It was a match made in heaven to me.)

Smoked Pork Hash & Egg
(It's a very hearty meal. If you like smoked BBQ, this is the dish for you.)

Coincidently, a week after we visited this eatery, Wall Street Journal had an article about this restaurant.


  1. 好喜歡早午餐不管哪一國的,好餓~

  2. Your blog photos always makes me hungry .. yum!!