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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The High Line - Section one

I first learned about High Line  from PBS documentary in 2004 and was really intrigued by it's history and future development. Coincidentally, I started working in a building right next to High Line a year later. For the past three and half years, I watched the constructions taking place and transformed this abandoned elevated train track. 

The building where I used to work.

By the time when High Line Park section one was open to the public this June, the company had moved to a different location and I was no longer working for the company.  I tried to check out the High Line Park on one Saturday in June, and it was impossible. The crowd just killed my curiosity.

The Gansevoort Street entrance

When the temperature was in the low 70's last Thursday, I decided to bring my camera, went back to my old office neighborhood, and finally checked out the High Line Park.

A very cleaver way to use the old train track.

Details of the park design

The standard hotel

Old rail track

View from the High Line

The end of section one on 20th street

High Line Park section one was in the trendiest neighborhood in New York City. There are so many amazing boutiques, cafes, restaurants in the area to explore.
I would recommend the following route for the first time visitors:
  1. Take A, C, E, or L train, and get off at 14th street stop.  
  2. Make sure to check out the Chelsea Market from 15th street and 9th avenue entrance.  
  3. Exit the Chelsea Market at 10th Avenue, make a right turn and use the 16th street entrance to enter the High Line Park. 
  4. Walk north to 20th street and turn back.  Get off the High Line Park at  Gansevoort Street. 
  5. Continue your walk with the meatpacking district and/or west village. 

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