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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Max Brenner -- chocolate feast by Union Square

Met up with a friend for lunch at Max Brenner near Union Square.

If you like chocolate, this is the place to come, especially around the holiday seasons when the weather is freezing cold and you need a heavy dose of sweets.

The restaurant has extensive menu selections:
Chocolate soup, chocolate pizza, and chocolate cocktails included!

Spicy chicken & 3 cheese pizza:
black beans, diced jalapenos, cilantro, mozzarella, cheddar, & goat cheese.

Munchies Waffles:
Warm waffles topped with whipped cream, candid hazelnut crunchy bits and dark chocolate ice cream. Served with crunchy chocolate wafer balls and warm melted chocolate sauce.

The Belgium waffle was super delicious. I also loved the chocolate wafer balls.

Not having enough? You can always buy their chocolate products to go.

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