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Monday, October 5, 2009

Yellowstone -- Firehole, Lower & Upper Geyser Basins 9.3.09

                                                  * Firehole Lake Drive & Firehole Canyon Drive

                                                  * Midway Geyser Basin

                                                  * Black Sand Basin

                                                  * Upper Geyser Basin

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We woke up at 6AM.  It was freezing cold in the morning.  I had to wear a hat and gloves.  We saw some bisons right by the Inn.  

We drove up towards Madison Junction to begin our geyser basin tour. We took the Firehole Lake drive first.  The sunlight hits Great Fountain Geyser. 

We turned around  from Firehole Canyon Drive and saw the Firehole Fall. 

The Firehole river was so peaceful in the morning. By 10 AM, it was getting hot that I peeled all my winter layers away.

We walked around the Fountain Paint Pot.

We walked through the Midway Geyser Basin trail. The bright colors of Grand Prismatic Spring was an incredible sight.

We also took a walk through Black Sand Basin. The Emerald Pool was so surreal.  

We went back to the Inn to take an one hour nap, and woke up just before 2PM to catch the Inn architecture tour.

After the tour, we spent a few hours walking through the Upper Geyser Basin trail. We saw the Old Faithful eruption for the 3rd or 4th time.

The walk along the way was beautiful.  

All the geysers were so mesmerizing that I was tempted to touch the water or jump in for a swim.....

The reflection of the sky in  the Beauty Pool

Giant Geyser

Morning Glory Pool

Castle Geyser

After the upper Geyser walk, we were beat. We got some take out from the general store and sat on the Inn terrace enjoying the sunset.

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