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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kunjip Korean Restaurant - Korean Town

As the temperature drops, I start craving for Korean food. They always taste better when it is cold outside.

A Korean friend introduced me to Kunjip. A simple Korean restaurant that is always crowded.

I love all the free appetizers that come with any orders. You can request for refills on the dishes you like.

Some spicy goodness....

Seafood pancake --- Must order item in any Korean restaurants.

Korean cuisine is one of my favorite foods.
There are so many yummy Korean dishes that this note really does not do any justice to the variety of the Korean food.
Some of the all time Korean classics are:
korean B.B.Q,
Bibimbob (rice with assorted vegetable, various meat or seafood, and fried egg),
Sulungtong (light beef soup),
variations of bean curd casseroles.

The restaurant opens 24 hours. This is a good place to eat after a night of drinking if you are in the area.

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