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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Noguchi Museum - Long Island City

After living in Manhattan for over a decade, I have to admit that sometimes I do take the city for granted.
There are always places I thought about visiting but never made the effort to.
They are geographically undesirable and you figured that they are not going anywhere....

Thanks to a friend's 3rd visit to New York, playing the tour guide finally gives me enough motivation to check out the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City.

Garden of Noguchi Museum: Isamu Noguchi design the layout and landscape.

Isamu Noguchi first purchased this factory building as a storage space for his sculptures.
The museum was opened in 1985. The exhibition displayed the artist's work chronically with all the pieces handpicked by Noguchi himself.

The Well, 1982
The fountain in the garden with Isamu Noguchi's initials carved in the stone.

Slide Mantra, working model, 1966

Model of his architectural design.

Variations on a millstone #2, 1962

Isamu Nogochi's work is quite popular in Asia.  His paper lamp is an iconic furniture piece.
You can find more about Noguchi from the museum's website.

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