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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Marlow & Sons -- American New in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

A friend told me about Marlow and Sons last year.  It generated quite some rave reviews.
Finally, a double date on the first day of 2010 seemed to be a perfect opportunity to cross the boarder and visit this place.
The restaurant shares the same owner with the next door restaurant "Diner" and butcher shop "Marlow and daughters" a couple of steps away.
The restaurant is on the same street with the famous New York steakhouse, Peter Luger;
not the most convenient location from the nearest subway stops.

We walked in at 6 PM on January 1.  There were a few empty tables. 
By the time we left the restaurant around 9 PM, the restaurant was packed.

Ordering food was quite a challenge as many dishes on the menu and specials were in Italians.
We had to ask the waitress to explain the menu a few times before we figured out what to eat.

Ravioli Appetizer 

Salad, one of the specials of the day  (It tasted as good as it looked.)

Beef tongue soup  (Rare ingredients in restaurants. I liked the soup.)

East Coast Oysters

Brick Chicken 
(Look the beautiful golden brown color!)

Pork sausages with sauerkraut

Seafood tomato stew 
(Not my favorite.)

Apple crumb pie with vanilla ice cream. 
(Generous portion and very comforting)

Chocolate cake with sea salt

(Chocolate was too rich and dense and too much sea salt. The contrast did not execute well.)

The front portion of the restaurant is a general store.
The restaurant also opens for breakfast and lunch.

The restaurant does not take reservations.
Come early or be prepared to wait!

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