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Friday, February 19, 2010

Despana -- Pintxos & Spainsh Gourmat store in Nolita

Originated in the Basque Country, a Pintxo is a typical bar snake consist of small slices of bread upon which
an ingredient or mixture of ingredients is placed and fastened with a toothpick,
which gives the food its name "pintxo", meaning "spike."

The difference between pintxos and tapas being that pintxos are ordered and eaten individually,
whilst tapas are usually a small portion of food to be shared.
In addition, tapas are served on a small dish, while pintxos are generally arranged on bread slices.

Since my Spain trip, I had really enjoyed Pintxos.  A while ago, I met up with a friend at Despanan,
a casual chic Spanish Gourmet store in Nolita for their variety of Pintxo selections. 

The store just opened up a small eating area in the back last December. 

Morcilla con Piquillo: Blood Sausage with piquillo pepper
(I am not really a big fan of blood sausages, but this one is really yummy)

Sardina Picante con Tomato: Hot Sardine with Tomato

Croquette de Bacalao: Home made Cod fish Croquette

There are a lot more we ordered but ate it too fast before we took pictures.
Their dessert Tarta de Santiago, flowerless Almond Tort imported from Galicia, was OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD!

This is a really wonderful rest stop for a quick bite when you are in the neighborhood.
However, the store close at 7PM from Monday to Saturday and 6PM on Sunday.
Come early before some popular pintxos are sold out!

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