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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cambodia 1.15 & 16 - Part 2: Sun eclips, Khmer Taste Restaurant, Siem Reap & Photo Album

After the afternoon siesta, Bunlong picked us up from the hotel and headed back to Siem Reap.
The sky looked cloudy and it was not as hot as the past few days.
I had to wear a light long sleeve sweater because it felt a little chilly to me.
On the tuk tuk, Hans noticed that people were looking up, but we did not know what they were looking at. 

We told Bunlong to drop us off by the river since we wanted to take a walk along the river.
Two local girls with long black hair sat on a bench.  One was checking the other girls' hair for lice.
It reminded me of the Khmer life we saw on the bas-reliefs.  Thousand of years ago, Khmer women were doing exactly the same thing. 

After a nice stroll, we went to the meeting point to meet up with Bunlong.  We saw Bunlong wearing a pair of sunglasses.
I thought it was odd, since there was no sun, and I had not seen Bunlong wearing sunglasses the past few days.
Later, Bunlong showed us the Sun eclipse which explained why the weather was much cooler and dimmer than the previous days,
and so many people were looking up to the sky.  It was my first time to see a sun eclipse!
Through the clouds, we could clearly see that the sun was shaped like a crescent moon.
 Unfortunately we were not able to captured it on our camera. 

We had Bunlong drop us off at the Old Market where we sent him home.
It was only 4 PM, we did some souvenir shopping in the old market, and later sat at a cafe to write postcards and looked through our pictures.

Between Hans and I,  I was always ready to try the next new thing.
Hans, on the other hand, enjoyed the old and familiars.
He was always more opinionated about countries that were not part of the western world, sensitive to the new environments, and got sick from foreign food much easier.
So coming to Cambodia, I definitely had my reservations about how he was able to handle it.
 Turned out, he was a lot more open-minded and receptive than what we both thought.
Perhaps being dragged to all the new situations by me over the years finally rubbed off on him.
Over coffee, Hans said, "I want to visit more countries in Asia in the future, especially when we come all the way to Taiwan already."
I rolled my eyes and shook my head.  Can you believe this guy?? That is what I have been telling him all along! 

I was happy that he reacted so positively to Cambodia; then again, it was so easy to fall in love with this magical land. 

People started setting up the night market on the streets.
It was still too early for dinner, so we headed to Devatara Spa for a body scrub and some more massages!

We were tempted to have western food for dinner. But at the last minute, we changed our minds and stuck with Cambodian cuisine.
(I mean, when will be the next time we have Cambodian food in New York? I don't even know if there is a Cambodian restaurant in NYC.)

We picked Khmer Taste restaurant for our last dinner in Siem Reap.
We ordered Banana Flower Salad (Khmer Family's was better), fried rice with basil leaves (child's play), LAB (Some marinated salty ground meat with spices. It reminded me of the meat we saw at the new market.), and Sabak Fish (Local fish that was smoked or grilled.  It was very flavorful and tasty.  Hans loved it, but I could not eat much, again, the fish in the New Market...)

Khmer Taste was a little off from the main tourist hub.  It was much more subdue.  We noticed that the restaurant offered free bicycle rental to customers who dine in the restaurant. 

We did a little more shopping after dinner.  In front of the old market, we saw a food vendor selling Cambodian style pancakes.
The pancakes were similar to french crepe. They were sooooo good that after we finished our pancakes, we went back for more.
It was our last night in Siem Reap, and we did not want to go back to the hotel yet.  We went up to the balcony of the Red Piano for drinks and picked a spot that was perfect for people watching.
We noticed more "working girls and boy toys" on the streets as the night went on.  Finally the street vendors were closing up.  It was time to go. 

The next morning, we stayed in the hotel for some R & R and a nice breakfast buffet.
At 10 AM Bunlong came to pick us up one last time to drive us to the airport. 

Bunlong took a different route so we could see Angkor Wat on the way to the airport.
We exchanged our email addresses with Bunlong and said our good-byes for good this time.

1.15 & 16. 2010

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