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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Convivio -- Southern Italian Cusine in Tutor City

Sometimes, a new restaurant experience began much earlier than the first bite.
It began on the journey to the restaurant.
The thrill could come from going to a restaurant in a neighborhood that you normally will not go,
or discovering a restaurant existing in a familiar neighborhood or building that is utterly unexpected.
The element of surprise works so well that before you set foot in the place,
regardless how good or bad the food is, you like the restaurant already.

Like Freeman and Campbell apartment, Convivio is another one of those places to me. 
Located in one of the Gothic revival buildings at the tranquil Tutor city,
Convivio is the opposite of what Tutor city is.

If walking in the Tutor city reminds you of London in the 18th century,
Convivio brings you right back to a seductive and trendy Manhattan restaurant in 2010.

Zuppa: Wild mushroom soup, shallots, robiola cheese

Fegatini: rustic chicken liver, crostini, marsala onions

Mecril fish

Fusilli: Neopolian pork shoulder ragu, caciocavallo fonduta

Affogato al caffe: super punch amaro gelato, fresh-brewed espresso

Tartaletta di Caramolle: Valhrona Chocolate ganache, salted caramel, vanilla gelato

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