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Monday, September 1, 2008

Argentina -- First Trip to South America 8.29 - 9.8.08

Entering unknown territory

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 BA by numbers from "Time Out Buenos Aires": Things you did not know about BA.
  • 4th - BA's ranking in list of world's noisiest cities.
  • 1:30 - ratio of psychoanalysts to population in Argentina. 
  • 4 - number of presidents since 1914 to complete a full term and hand power to elected successor. 
  • 7 - number of Argentinian presidents since the 2001 crisis. 
  • 1st - Argentina's world ranking for soy meal and soy oil exports. 
  • 4th - Argentina's world ranking for beef exports in 2007. 
  • 60kg - amount of beef consumed per year per capital in Argentina. 
  • 7th - Argentina's world ranking for wine consumption. 
  • 40 - percentage of Argentinian population living below the poverty line in 2005. 
  • 138th - Cost of living in BA's world ranking for 2008/2009. (Thanks to CC7)
Click the map and check the magnified view on the upper right corner to see where we went.  

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