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Monday, September 15, 2008

Argentina -- Tigre/Delta, Palermo Soho & Las Canitas 9.6.08

* Tigre/Delta                                                                      * La Cabrera 

* Las Canitas                                                                      * Sarraro Plaza

We woke up with a rainy and freezing cold day.  UGH... it was not the best weather to visit Tigre/Delta, but we did not have any more time, and I HAD to go to Tigre/Delta.  

I made H getting a hat before we went, which proved to be a smart decision.  He could really use a hat.  This was a full blown winter with 4C/39F temperature.   

We took the TBA train to Tigre.  The trains run every 15 minutes and it is a 50 minutes ride from Retiro for 1.10 pesos one way.  There were so many people selling all kind of stuff on the train.  They placed the merchandise on your lap, and came back later to collect the merchandises or money.  It seems to be a common practice, even on the sutbe as well.  If you shake your head gesturing you were not interested, they left you alone.  On the way to Tigre, we counted at least 10 people, including some kids trying to sell stuff.  It was interesting that none of them sold the same merchandise.

Tigre/Delta was picturesque. However, the weather was just so bad that we could not enjoy it fully.  We randomly booked a restaurant called "Bora Bora" for lunch for sentimental reasons since we were in Bora Bora on our honeymoon last year.    

We must have been frozen out of our minds going to a "Bora Bora" restaurant in Argentina!! I mean, what were we thinking??? The meal was the least issue here.  Once the water bus dropped us off, we walked through some muddy path to a restaurant tugged away inland somewhere with no views of the beautiful river.  Wasn't that the whole point of us coming here??  Somehow, it did not cross my mind that there could be restaurants not right by the river. 

I was hoping to take Tren de La Costa train back to BA for a more scenic route and stopped by San Lsidro. However, the weather totally damped our moods, and "Bora Bora" surely did not help the situation.  We were wet, cold, and just wanted to go home. Put the variables aside, I thought Tigre/Delta was absolutely beautiful.  I felt gypped out of this whole Tigre/Delta experience.

Since we came back to BA earlier than expected, we got off at "Lisandro de la Torre" station and did a little more shopping in Palermo Soho.  The area here did resemble Soho in New York.  Trendy expensive stores with enticing window displays.

We made a reservation at La Cabrera to meet up with M & D again since they just came back to BA from El Catafate the night before, and it was our last dinner before going back to New York. 

I was looking forward to the restaurant after reading all the great reviews and  It did not disappoint.  When we walked in for our 8:30 PM reservation, the restaurant was already in full swing.  We ordered Provoleta (You must try this cholesterol inducing appetizer in any Argentinian grill), salami tapas, and salad for appetizers. 
D and I shared a  bife de chorizo. (Really, ojo de bife was the only way to go.) Being enthusiastic steak devotees, M and H both ordered full portions of Ojo de bife.   Our waiter tried to tell them in Spanish that the portions were HUGE but M and H did not budge.  The waiter shrugged his shoulder, probably thinking "you stupid tourists.  Don't say I did not warn you."  Anyway, we somehow thought that our waiter understood English, but pretended he could not communicate with us in English. He probably saw one too many tourists here and could care less about them.  

Of course, when M & H's orders came, we all cracked up.  The portion was MONSTROUS!  Even our waiter cracked a smile seeing our reactions.  We were so impressed by the size of the ojo de bife that for the next 10 minutes, we pulled out our cameras & cellphones taking pictures & videos of them. 

After dinner, we took a radio taxi to Las Canitas for drinks. This barrio probably resembled  the meat packing district in Manhattan with mostly trendy restaurants.  We had a few drinks in Van Koning until the music got too loud for us to carry a conversation. 

We took another radio taxi to Plaza Serrano.  It was probably 1AM in the morning and there were so many people out partying.  This square gave me the Bleecker street vibe.  We stayed at  Mundo Bizarro bar until one of us bothered to look at the watch,  and we were shocked that it was already 4AM in the morning.  When we got back to our apartment, the entrance of a night club on our block was lined up with plenty people waiting to have a good time.  So, this is how the porteños party.


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