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Monday, June 9, 2008

New Orleans -- After thoughts

Random after thoughts about the trip:

History and Architecture are two subjects worth doing homework for before going to New Orleans.  They are both pivotal parts of what New Orleans is all about. 
Cajun/Creole cuisines are so strong and rich in flavors. I felt like the dishes were fighting among one another for my palate's attention.  Eventually, my taste buds were over-stimulated that everything started tasting the same.  

One more thing about the food.  Forget about calories and cholesterol, The Cajun cooking screams heart attacks and clogged arteries.  Just enjoy the food while you visit. You can always eat a bowl of salad when you get home.

There seemed to be an active lesbian community in New Orleans from our observation, not sure if it is true.  
For our next trip, I would like to make more effort to get out of the French Quarter, especially for dinner. There are many restaurants outside of the French Quarter that I would love to try. I would also love to take a plantation tour.
Forget Las Vegas.  New Orleans is the perfect destination for bachelor & bachelorette parties!

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