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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Satay Junction -- Indonisian street food in West Village

Another day strolling around in the quaint west village on a beautiful fall afternoon.
I am in the mood to try something new and different. 
Indonesian cuisine is not something you come across everyday. 
You can count them within one hand in Manhattan.

Satay Junction is a small eatery that serves Indonesian street food.
It is so small that we were literary standing across the street from the restaurant and almost missed it.

Es Teller -- Young coconut juice, seaweed Jelly, Jack Fruit, and Coconut Milk. 
It is a very common dessert drink in South East Asia, similar to rainbow ice in many Vietnamese restaurant.

Krupuk Udag/Putih -- Shrimp/Plain Topioca crackers
Trio -- Sweet Sambal, Spicy Sambal, Acar (relish)
The sweet Sambal is an Indonesian sweet soy sauce.  It is really rich, thick, and so flavorful!
When my Indonesian friend came to visit in the summer, I bought a bottle of the sweet sambal when we went to get some Indonesian grocery. 
It has been sitting in the shelf unopened.  Now I can not wait to use it!

Nasi Goreng -- Fried rice with beef
It was recommended by our server. 
It was a good fried rice, but I wish I could have picked something more interesting. 

One of the special of the day -- Shrimp cooked in spicy tomato and coconut sauce. 
The server warned us that it was a spicy dish. 
Thinking we could handle the heat, we did not hesitate to order it. 
The server was right! This indeed was a VERY SPICY FOOD!!!
Despite the heat, the sauce was really good.  Indonesian cuisine seems to have the tendency to combine sweet and spicy flavors in a dish.

Cassava -- Baked Cassava with Grated Coconut
It is a warm dense dessert.  H loves it. 
I personally hated grated coconut, and had only a few bites.

Satay Junction is a great small eatery with very reasonable price.
All the food only set us back $45.
Because of the limitation of the space, it is not the place to dine in if you go as a group for more than two people.
However if you want to try something new or if you like spicy food, it will be a good place to check out.
Don't forget that there is always take out or delivery options.

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