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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eataly: Italian Food Market in Flatiron

Saw one too many reviews about Eataly, an  Italian food market in Flatiron that I felt obligated to check it out one Friday night.

Once I walked in, I could see the appeal it has on New Yorkers.

The fresh produces attractively displayed in a beautiful space.

There were restaurants, cafes, bars within the food market.

The food looked so enticing that shopping for grocery along would not satisfy the craving.
I am lured into eating in one of the restaurants.

La Pizza & Pasta

Fettuccine con Coda alla Vaccinara -- Homemade Roman Pasta with Oxtail Ragu.
Love the texture of the home made fettuccine.  

Massese -- Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce, Neapolitan Spicy Salami & fresh Basil
Loved the spicy salami.  The pizza was not drowned in cheese like most American pizzas do.

All the cold cuts looked so yummy.

You could sample some salami & cheese paring with wines.

After the pasta & pizza, we had to stop by to get some European coffee & pastry.

These type of food markets are quite common in southern Europe.
It reminded me of the food markets I visited in Spain. 
Eataly in comparison is more posh and commercialized.
Nonetheless, it is a fun place to shop and eat.

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