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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Limelight Marketplace

People who has lived in New York in the past 20 years have to know about the notorious "The Limelight".
A Gothic Revival Brownstone Church built in 1840's was converted to a night club in the 1990's.
The night club was synonymous with drugs, shut down by the police, changed owner, and closed again.
I never made it to the club, but I did check out the new Limelight Marketplace that just opened this summer.

The gourmet food shops definitely are the main attractions here.

Even though the interior was hip and trendy, you could still see it's religious past.

How dreamy was this?

House of Worship -- if shopping is your religion.

So, I guess this is an angel then?

Another reminder of its past.

When I visited a few months back, portions of the Marketplace was still under construction. 
Because of it's architectural design, it could feel like going through a maze.navigating the place.
But it definitely enhance the whole experience of shopping in a church. 

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