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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cafe Henri -- French home cooking in West Village

A friend who is French Canadian took us to this place.
A cozy small french home cooking eatery in West Village.

It's more of a brunch or  lunch place rather than dinner place.
Simple menu, light meals, and very reasonable prices.
The down side is the ventilation system was not very good on the day we visited.
The smell of the grease lingered in our clothes & hair

Salade De Mesclun

Les Escargot: snails baked in garlic butter  -  Must order appetizer in a French restaurant

La Quiche Espinard: spinach quiche and salad

Le Croque Madame toasted country bread, ham, cheese sunnyside egg

Mixte Jambon-fromage:  ham and cheese crepe

Special of the day: Coq au Vin -- Classic French Dish: Chicken cooked in red wine.
It's not my favorite. The flavor of the sauce was too overwhelming.

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