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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Barney Greengrass -- Upper West Side

It's been said that Barney Greengrass is a New York Institution for Jewish Smoked Fish.
One Saturday morning, I decided to get up early to beat the crowd, and finally checked it out once and for all.

I arrived at the restaurant a little after 10 AM. The restaurant was already in full on operation, but I got seated right away.
(Seriously, do you know what kind of commitment it takes for a New Yorker who lives in Murry Hill to hike up to Upper West Side on a November Saturday morning ??)

The ventilation is bad.  You can smell the grease as soon as you stepped into the restaurant.
It is a hustling and bustling kind of place. Don't expect a relaxed 2 hr brunch experience. 

White fish with everything bagel -- Yummy!

Combination of Sturgeon and Nova Scotia Salmon Scrambled with Eggs & Onions
I like the Sturgeon better.  Expensive, but delicious!

My mouth started to water as I was writing this blog and seeing the pictures.
Despite the fact that this place is geographically undesirable, smoky, expensive, hectic, and crowded,
I can't wait to go back there again.

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