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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter in Gastein, Austria - Prelude

Friends who are familiar with my traveling habits know that I have some peculiar rules when it comes to the definition of a trip. Here are the basic guidelines:
  • Taiwan & Austria do not count, because these trips serve a purpose to visit family and friends. 
  • Staying at friends' places do not count. Lodging is an important part of the travel experience. 
  • Destinations within driving distance do not count.  They are getaways, not trips.
I know my husband is rolling his eyes now, but the most memorable trips for me were the ones when I had  entered unknown territories with foreign landscapes, languages, and cultures.  I felt excited, stimulated,  and super aware of my surroundings.  These are the kind of experiences I crave when I travel. 

Having been to my husband's hometown for more times than I can remember, I never thought about putting these trips on my blog. That is, until this past holiday season when I spent 10 days with my husband's family in his hometown. Initially, I viewed this trip more of a family obligation rather than a pleasurable vacation. However, I was truly surprised by how much I enjoyed it! It had been way too long since my last winter visit, and I came away with a new found appreciation of this pristine alpine winter wonderland.  

This picture was taken from my mother-in-law's 3rd floor garden. 
Her garden reaches the river. (translation: lots of yard work in the summer time)  
There is a golf course on the other side of river . 

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