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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Iceland 9.5: Reykjavik to KEF

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  • Laundromat cafe
  • 66° North
  • Blue Lagoon

It was down the last few hours in Iceland.  We randomly picked Laundromat Cafe for breakfast since we had passed by the place a few times and loved the bookstore-ish interior, airy and relaxed atmosphere. There was actually a laundromat facility downstairs.  What a great idea!  I wish the laundromats in New York can be this stylish and fun.

We still had time to check out some museums, galleries, or other tourist sites after the hearty breakfast, but the settlement center the day before kind of did it for us.  We went shopping for souvenirs instead.  I had yet bought anything except food and gas so far on this trip.  Everything was just way too expensive.  Case in point: we bought 7 postcards & stamps, one small refrigerator magnet from a gift shop for US$30!  I was determined to find something from Iceland to buy, and finally got a simple T-shirt from 66° North that I could afford. 

On our way to the airport, there was the last  "must visit" place to go, the famous Blue Lagoon.  Soaking in the milky blue heated seawater pool with charcoal black lava fields in the backdrop,  I thought to myself, "There would never be anther country like Iceland where I was greeted with thermal baths for both hello and good-bye."

What a great first impression and last memory to have.


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