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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Iceland 9.1: Reykjavik to Hofn

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  • Svartifoss Waterfall hike
  • Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
  • Kaffi Hornid
  • Vagnsstaoir Youth Hostel

We had a long drive ahead of us today.  After loading up coffees and breakfast sandwiches from the nearby bakery, we were on our way to Ring road one.  Once we drove away from Reykjavik, there were barely any cars around.

The landscape was mesmerizing with the mountain, waterfall, lava formations, and volcano ashes along the way.

The scenery was so beautiful that the drive went by so quickly.  By the early afternoon, we were at the Skaftafell.  The sights of the glacier took my breath away.

We took a short hike to Svartifoss waterfall to stretch our legs and got some fresh air before driving to Jokulsarlon.  Taking the Jokulsarlon boat ride was one of the activities that I looked forward to the most before this trip, and I was in awe as we drove to the glacier lagoon.  Its out-worldly beauty was indescribable.  Both H and I could not stop taking pictures of the floating ice from every angle.  The guide explained to us that there was a volcano eruption 10 weeks ago; that was why there were ashes covering some of the older floating ice. 

After the amazing boat ride, we were back to the ring road one for another 30 kms before we reached Vagnsstaoir Youth Hostel.

I booked the hostel because it was the base of next morning's snowmobile tour.  H never stayed in a youth hostel before, so I was a bit nervous how he would react.  We checked into our room before 6 PM.  The hostel was clean and basic; however, 2 toilets to be shared among 26 people was not the most ideal arrangement.  After check-in, H was up for dinner in Hofn, so we drove another 50 minutes to Kaffi Hornid in Hofn for some famous Hofn langostinos.

The simple cabin restaurant is hardly a romantic place for our 4th wedding anniversary celebration today, but we enjoyed the meal greatly.  I loved the sweet local beer brewed with glacier water.  The langostino soup and grilled langostino came with a generous portion which made their high Icelandic prices tolerable.  For those people who never had langostinos, it is mini lobster that is slightly larger than jumbo shrimp.  The texture of the langostino meat is distinctively creamy and sweet. 

The local trout was not to be outdone, but I could hardly finish the langostinos.  We topped our dinner off with the ice cream made from the local dairy farm.  This was a great meal to finish a day.

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