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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ninth Ward - New Orleans bar in East Village

H & I were on our way to try a new restaurant when we came across to Ninth Ward.
A New Orleans bar serving southern food.

Southern food is my favorite American regional cuisine.
Without hesitation, we abandoned our original plan and walked into the bar.

There was a small outdoor garden in the back that was pretty packed with the happy hour crowd.
We decided to sit in the cozy booth in the back. 

First order of business: give me some Hurricane!

Fried pickles with Gribiche (Herb & Caper Mayo)
Something I have never tried before.  
The idea of it was really strange. But it actually tasted good!  I would so order it again.

Buttermilk fried chicken with Nola sauce, slaw & abita beer biscuit
I must say that I had better fried chicken before. 

Gumbo with chicken, andoulle & shrimp
On the other hand, Gumbo was awesome!
Loved the spicy andoulle sausage, the rich flavor, and the grilled toast.

We knew that there was no way the beignet in Ninth Ward was going to live up to our expectations. 
There is only one place to eat beignet, and that is Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. 
However, we had to have it for sentimental reasons, and I still enjoyed it!

Ninth Ward is an interesting bar with creole decor and cool vibe.
The food is decent and the price is very reasonable.
Come have a drink when you are in East Village. 

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