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Thursday, June 23, 2011

BIerhaus - German beer garden in Midtown East

H came to pick me up from work one Friday afternoon,
and I asked him to wait for me at Bierhaus, a new beer garden near Grant Central Station.

It was quite surprising to have a beer garden in midtown Manhattan on the second floor of a regular block.
All the after work crowd were there and the place was pretty noisy.

The unexpected authentic decor and the Bavarian folk band caught us by surprise.
We were a bit suspicious and worried that it would just be one of those "theme restaurants".

However, when H was able to order food in German with the waitress dressed in Dirndl, we were sold!

Wienerschnitzel – Breaded pork fillet. Served with potato, red cabbage and cucumber salad.
It was good as any. 
The only bone that H had to pick was that the salad should be placed in a seperate plate
so the sauce would not soak the breaded pork fillet. 

Bavarian cream – A Bavarian cream custard with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar.
Enjoyed every bite of it. Similar to the cream puff.

More beers please!

Bierhaus is a fun place with a lot of energy. The crowd and noise are just part of the whole experience.
It is a great place to go when you need some beer therapy after a hard day of work.

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