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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jade Asian -- Dim Sum in Flushing

Have it ever happened to you that you did not know you were craving for the food until you had it?
I can't remember when was last time I had dim sum, probably from the last "Dim Sum A go go" post, which was probably 10 months ago.
Recently, I went to Jade Asian for dim sum with a few friends.  Within a month, I returned to the restaurant twice.

It was a big catering hall that gets crowded before noon. hassling bussling like all the other dim sum place.
The push cart ladies are quite aggressive and you really need to be quick to say no before they sheve the plates onto your table.

Stir fry turnip cake﹕Turnip cake is the classic dim sum dish.  This is my favorite way of preparing it. 

Ginger Beef Tripe: this is the only kind of tripe that I actually enjoy.  It does not taste gamy at all.
Be warned: If you don't like rubbery texture type of food, do not order this dish.

Lightly breaded shrimp: Not sure exactly what this dish is called. but the shrimp is finger licking good.

Shirmp with mayo & fish egg -- I have yet to seen this dish in any other dim sum places I ate before.

Chicken feet -- Yummmmmm

Some kind of vegetable steam dumplings

Duck Blood with chive: not my favorite, both the flavor and texture.

Shrimp dumpling wrapped in tofu -- So delicate, unusual dim sum dish.

Fried Sesame Balls: One of my favorite sweet dim sum dish. 

Jade Asian is my favorite dim sum place in New York by far.
The variety and quality of the dim sum dishes are much better compare to ones in China town. 
It is hectic like most of the dim sum places and the servers can be pushy so you have to be firm if you do not want to take certain dishes.

But it is worth coming all the way to flushing for their dim sums. Yes, it is that good. 

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