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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baohous, The casa Fox, Cafe Kajta -- LES food crawl

On this particular weekend, I was feeling nostalgic towards Manhattan.
We decided to hit the Lower East Side on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Baohaus is a small eatery that only offer Taiwanese style burgers.
I have heard about it, but never bothered to check it out.
Since we accidentally wandered to this place, we had to try it.

It is a common street food in Taiwan, and is called "Gua Bao".
The traditional Gua Bao uses slow cooked pork belly as the key ingredient.
Although a smaller portion, I was really impressed with Baohaus' Gua Bao.
It was very authentic and well prepared.

After the Taiwanese appetizer, we were hungry and ready to eat.
It was either Latin American cuisine or British Gastro food, and Latin American won tonight.
A Casa Fox was our main destination.

We love early dinners and being the only fews in quiet restaurants.

Encortido Salad
I really liked this pickled cabbage salad with the crunchy texture.

Mini Empanada samples
Among six different flavors, I love herbal chicken & olive, Portabello Mushroom & Smoked Guoda, and Queso Blanco.

Spicy Garlic Shrimp with Cilantro and Lime

On the left: Risotto Croquettes with Tocino + Queso
On the right: Red Pepper Crab Cakes with Chipotle Mayonnaise.

The risotto cro

Over the dinner, H mentioned that he has not been to Cafe Katja for a long time.
We decided to go there for beers & desserts.

Cafe Katja is an Austrian cafe that serves excellent food and drinks.
H especially likes to come here for a drink and talk German with the friendly owner & servers.

Forgot what beer it was....

Linzer torte/Schlag
Named after the city Linz, Austria, Linzer torte is the oldest known torte in the world.
It is made of hazelnut and red current jam.
I love the schlag (German word for whip cream). It is not your usual fluffy whip cream.
It is dense and rich with so much more substance.

It was such an spontaneous evening.
I loved hitting all these places and had small bites here and there.

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