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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cape Town 9.5

  • City Bowl
  • Cape Quarter shopping center
  • Chapman's Peak Drive
  • Sea Point Promenade
  • Pepenero Seafood Restaurant

We had breakfast at Cape Cadogan's beautiful breakfast room.  There was a breakfast bar and hot food made to order.  We noticed that all the bread in South Africa had a soft and spongy texture. I wonder why?  Personally, I love the texture, but H, who usually prefers firm and dense bread, was not a fan.  

In the early part of the day, we left the car at the hotel and just walked around the city.  We did not have any specific itinerary, but rather to simply take in the city by foot.  We walked along Kloof Street, Long Street, Church street, and visited many shops along the way.  The cast iron balcony buildings on Kloof Street reminded me of the French Quarter in New Orleans.  We passed a protest near a government building, but with all the music and dance, it looked more like a parade.  

The Greenmarket was a tourist trap like the guidebook said.  The better shopping experience was at the Cape Quarter shopping center with more local brands. We loaded up our souvenir gifts at the Cape Quarter. 

It was a sunny and warm spring day, perfect to be walking around the city.  I love getting to know a city by foot and it was exactly what I was missing on this trip so far.  We walked all the way to the V & A waterfront before taking a taxi back to the hotel.  

Our time in Cape Town was coming to the end.   The only thing left on my itinerary was the drive from Seaport to Haut Bay.  We left the hotel around 4 PM and headed to the coast.  

The Chapman's Peak Drive was absolutely gorgeous.  Unfortunately, the sky was cloudy and gray so we didn't see the sunset.  Nonetheless, the view was spectacular.  We took many stops at various view points.  I had never visited any other cities with such an unique topography like Cape Town.  There are massive mountains, dramatic coastlines, and pristine sandy beaches all within a 10 minutes drive.  I am envious. 

Before dinner, we stopped by Sea Point Promende for  a walk.  There were many high-rise apartment buildings along the seashore.  Many locals were out jogging or taking a stroll.  

Our last dinner in Cape Town was at Pepenero seafood restaurant, suggested by the host of our hotel.  We had another seafood platter for two people, and the meal did not disappoint.


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