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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Villa Pacri - Italian restaurant in Meatpacking District

I could go months without Italian food and then all of a sudden, all I wanted was pasta.
The last time I had Italian was at Vesta in May, and I have been craving for Italian lately.
For my birthday this past weekend, another couple joined us for dinner at this beautiful Italian restaurant, Villa Pacri, in Meatpacking District.

My girlfriend's first reaction was, "It reminded me of your apartment.",
which made me happy because I loved the restaurant's decor.

La Burrata: Puglia Region Burrata, Organic Cherry, Tomato, Basil
It's an imported Italian cheese with cream. The burrata was OUT OF THIS WORLD delicious!

II Prosciutto di San Danielle: San Danielle Prociutto 24 months
Prociutto is my favorite kind of cured meat. 

I Ravioli: Sardinia Sheeps Milk Ricotta, Ravioli, Black Truffle
Once again, the ricotta cheese was AMAZING.
I barely could taste the black truffle, and the portion was really small.

Today's Special: Steak
The steak was juicy and flavorful. 

Today's Special: Grilled whole fish, Branzino
I was debating between Branzino and seabass.  I had to say this was might be my least favorite dish today.  It was not bad, but it was nothing exciting either.

I Bomboloni: Warm Ricotta Bomboloni, Hot Chocolate Bicerin
The best way to describe the dessert was fried donuts with different dipping sauce.And yes, they were good.

It was a rare beautiful summer night with gentle breeze and zero humidity.
We took a stroll and went up to the top floor of Standard hotel for a drink.

The bar was ultra-groovy with 80's vibe and amazing view overlooking the Hudson river.

It is the kind of bar that you want to take the out-of-town guests to,
and wow them with what New York City has to offer.

It was a lovely evening and great way to end a night!

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